Stuffyhunt/lights out – p.e 10 game design

Video of game: notes: core competency reflection: I feel that our group collaborated, and increased our creativity skills, as we Created a video and game. We learned about communication and critical thinking. I edited and participated in the video, wrote notes and brought teammates up to date. I hosted meetings allowing us to communicate our […]

math 10 core competency

Critical thinking was one of my strengths this semester. As I have done my best to stay on topic and learn as much as I could, to be successful in my class. Math has helped me exercise my brain in the mornings, as I solved equations. I think an area I could work on in […]

How Things Work- Kiera, Dzenan

  The process that me and my partner had to find the research and remembering old info that we had learned over the years has helped us make this project. And for our model we used 95% recycled products to recreate a “working” dam, although our water dams turbine spins it would not create electricity. […]