week 12 – math 10

This week we looked at liner graphs relations, and smothign that I have taken away fomr the lesson is, point slope form. I find this is one of the easiest forms to find y intercepts, and plotting points. Let me show you. Say we had a been given a random set of points and a […]

week 9 – math 10

This week we looked at relations, something that I learned, is 5 ways to represent relations. 1. Table of value (x-input, y-output): 2. ordered pairs (from table of values): 3. Graph (discrete and continous, plotting the ordered pairs): 4. equation (to find ordered pairs, and table of values): 5. mapping diagram (relationships with numbers): Hope […]

week 7 – math 10

  This week we looked at factoring polynomials deeper. One thing I learned to help me find out how many terms I need to factor a polynomial into is, the exponents on the leading variable, if I have a polynomial like, + 3x + 2, then the leading variable is x, and because it has […]

Week 6 – math 10

This week we learned about factoring polynomials, and something that helped me factor them is a simple list. There are 3 things to check when factoring, 1. Check if there are anything in common (like a GCF, a(b+c) 2. Check is there are 2 terms so you can figure out the interest more easily (2 […]