week 3 – math 10

This week we looked at trigonometry. One thing I learned was how to locate Hypotenuse, Adjacent, and Opposite sides on a right triangle with a given angle. To find the sides, always start with hypotenuse, to find hyp. look for the 90 degree angle and the side its is opposite from is hypotenuse (H). Then […]

How Things Work- Kiera, Dzenan

  The process that me and my partner had to find the research and remembering old info that we had learned over the years has helped us make this project. And for our model we used 95% recycled products to recreate a “working” dam, although our water dams turbine spins it would not create electricity. […]

community connection alternate

VOLUNTEER: poco grand prix children services art and culture JOB’S: value village shoppers drug mart cineplex   QEUSTIONS: I was researching employment opportunities that were around my age and would work around school hours, or jobs i’d enjoy work experience for my resume determination, social skills, and responsibility what I need to be successful, like […]