Rube Goldberg assignment – science 10 – block A

  my original design: 5 forms of energy: thermal/kinetic gravity/potential Mechanical/kinetic sound/visible chemical/potential 3 simple machines: inclined plane pulley lever As the flame is lit, the stored chemical energy radiates heat, causing the rope to burn Once the rope burns the Apple falls and rolls down the inclined plane, due to gravity. The momentum pushes […]

Biotechnology and Genetics – production of vaccines, anitbodies, and hormones – Kiera V – Blk A

Biotechnology and Genetics The production of vaccines, antibodies, and hormones by kiera van veen date: 5/6/2020 The advancement in the biotechnology science of vaccines and hormones has been one the worlds greatest achievements. The research and discoveries has made it capable for man kind to¬† preserve life. We are now able to supplement missing cells, […]