week 10 – math 9

this week we looked at functions! Something that I took away from the lesson was, how to determine what a function is. And why it is different from a relation: its quite simple a relation is the relationship between many different outcomes/outputs of numbers for an input. ex. you have many friends Whereas, a function […]

week 9 – math 10

This week we looked at relations, something that I learned, is 5 ways to represent relations. 1. Table of value (x-input, y-output): 2. ordered pairs (from table of values): 3. Graph (discrete and continous, plotting the ordered pairs): 4. equation (to find ordered pairs, and table of values): 5. mapping diagram (relationships with numbers): Hope […]

week 8 – math 10

This week we looked at Relations, something I learned from the lesson was, Finding X and Y intercepts. Don’t worry it not too hard once you get the gist of it, especially if you know hot to do simple algebra. First, lets look at the formulas: X intercepts: (x,0) Y intercepts: (0,y) I know, your […]

week 7 – math 10

  This week we looked at factoring polynomials deeper. One thing I learned to help me find out how many terms I need to factor a polynomial into is, the exponents on the leading variable, if I have a polynomial like, + 3x + 2, then the leading variable is x, and because it has […]

Week 6 – math 10

This week we learned about factoring polynomials, and something that helped me factor them is a simple list. There are 3 things to check when factoring, 1. Check if there are anything in common (like a GCF, a(b+c) 2. Check is there are 2 terms so you can figure out the interest more easily (2 […]

week 5 – math 10

This week we looked at polynomials and multiplying them. Something that helped me work with polynomials is, the area diagram. It is basically an easier way to multiply 2 polynomials together visually. An example would be, (2x – 4) (-3y +4): When you multiply 2 polynomials together then you must use the distributive property as […]

week 3 – math 10

This week we looked at trigonometry. One thing I learned was how to locate Hypotenuse, Adjacent, and Opposite sides on a right triangle with a given angle. To find the sides, always start with hypotenuse, to find hyp. look for the 90 degree angle and the side its is opposite from is hypotenuse (H). Then […]

Week 2 – math 10

This week we looked at exponent laws. But, something that I learned about is, scientific notation. It’s seems complicated when you think about it but it’s actually quite easy to figure out! When using it scientific notation, you tend to use more often with huge or tiny numbers. And in that I mean, for example, […]