Week 2 – math 10

This week we looked at exponent laws. But, something that I learned about is, scientific notation. It’s seems complicated when you think about it but it’s actually quite easy to figure out! When using it scientific notation, you tend to use more often with huge or tiny numbers. And in that I mean, for example, […]

Week 1 – math 10

This week we were learning about prime numbers and composite numbers. I never learned what composite numbers were before so I learned the definition. Which is: Composite numbers: a number that can be divisible by more numbers than 1 and it’s self Some examples might be: 6 (6-1, 2-3), 24 (2-12, 6-4, 8-3), 30 (3-10, […]

SMART Goals Reflection

What was your goal? To pick up 20 pieces of garbage collectively by the end of the week Did you achieve it? Yes How or how not? I went on a walk with my mom in port moody and it took my 1 minute to pick up 20 pieces of garbage, I mainly saw cigarette […]

Shrinky Art – Scale Math Lab

Was the resulting object similar to the original? (same shape, but different size) Yes and no, yes because it as the same shape-ish and had the same design except for the whitening of the plastic. The scale factor it shrunk by was, 1.42. No, because, it was curled and warped.   Speak to other classmates […]

How Things Work- Kiera, Dzenan

  The process that me and my partner had to find the research and remembering old info that we had learned over the years has helped us make this project. And for our model we used 95% recycled products to recreate a “working” dam, although our water dams turbine spins it would not create electricity. […]