Rube Goldberg assignment – science 10 – block A


my original design:

5 forms of energy:

  1. thermal/kinetic
  2. gravity/potential
  3. Mechanical/kinetic
  4. sound/visible
  5. chemical/potential

3 simple machines:

  1. inclined plane
  2. pulley
  3. lever

  1. As the flame is lit, the stored chemical energy radiates heat, causing the rope to burn
  2. Once the rope burns the Apple falls and rolls down the inclined plane, due to gravity.
  3. The momentum pushes it across the table, using the mechanical energy of movement
  4. Then the Apple hits the lime, which rolls off the table. And due to gravity, it’s falls downward and hits the raised side of the lever.
  5. the velocity of the falling lime flings the weighted ball up at impact, which then falls to the ground due to gravity, pulling the lighter object, the balloon upwards on the pulley.
  6. Then the rod, hits the balloon with mechanical energy.
  7. the balloon hits the dominoes pushing them over, and due to gravity it causes a chain reaction to the other dominoes.
  8. When they hit each other they make a noise using sound energy. Alerting you the circuit is almost complete.
  9. The last domino will push the weighted can fully over the ledge, which will fall down due to gravity causing  the other can go up, because it is lighter. Delivering the package to the person weighting on the end.

core competency link and document:

Rube Goldberg project core competency

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