Scientific Method and Paper Airplanes

In this project we had to determine what the “best” paper airplane was, and my group said “the best planes was one that could hold the most weight for the longest distance. So we made the classic airplane and out 2 small paperclips on the middle of the planes this is our control variable, because the weight was evenly distributed. Then we made 2 other planes and put the weight on the front bottom of one plane and put the weight on the back bottom of the plane on the other. My hypothesis was, “The best place for weight to be places on the bottom of he paper airplane is the middle.

After 5 trials of each plane we average the distance out, the plane with the weight on the nose of the plane came out with the longest average of 8.486m. We learned that the reason the plane with the paperclips on the front went the farthest was because instead of gliding (plane with the middle weight) it was pulled forward faster causing more thrust. Something a person could do, when recreating the experiment, would be to use a robotic arm ensuring the same amount of force used to throw the plane each time causing the results to be more accurate.

Some things me and my group would like to also experiment is, changing the style of the plane, adding heavier/more paperclips to the plane, and the position the paper clips are placed on the plane (hanging, taped on, etc.)




IMG_5209 IMG_5233

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