Top 5 things I learned in Math 10

  1. the formula for Trigonometry: this is important to me because it helped me find my new passion subject in math. I learned SOH CAH TOA which can help me do Trig easier

  1. I learned about factoring: this is important because, it can help me simplify the algebra equations when I’m using it to find out missing pieces of info and unsolved equations.

  1. I learned about graphing, this can help me gather information and then put it into a format easier to look at. This can help me in my future job.

  1. another thing I learned in math class is, how to find missing points/coordinates and slope which allows me to complete my graph with am educated guess, if I don’t collect enough information
  2.  I also learned how to find the right ratio of two solutions with different potencies (%) to create a new potent solution (liner equations/relations (area/rectangle diagram)). This will help me in my medicine career.

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