week 15 – math 10

This week we continued to deepen our knowledge about systems, and have now incorporated word problems and solving systems, I’m going to show you 1 way, out of many, to solve a system.

The solution I’m going to show is one of the easiest, Elimination.

An example equation’s I’ll use to show you this process is, 24x-12=6y  and y-4+4x=0

the goal of solving and equation is to find x and y (the solution coordinates),

our first step is to get 2 like variables (x,x or y,y) to be the same number but opposite actions (-,+):

we’ll use y, by dividing the 6y/6 –> this causes us to divide the whole equation by 6:

our next step is to align the equation into standard form #’s on one side of the = sign with variables on the other:

now we simplify by adding the 2 equations together and then solve for x, giving us or x variable:

and now we plug the x value into the original equations into x to find the y value, you can either substitute into to only one equation or both just to check:

so now we know our solution is (3/4,1)

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