week 14 – math 10

This week we started to look at systems of liner equations, and something I learned is, how to determine how many solutions a line/system.

First I we must know what a solution and system are;

System: when 2 equations/lines cross, this a system


Solution: is the exact point where the lines/equations cross

To find out how many solutions there are you can simply look at the lines or equations, and seeing the patterns in an equation:

If an equation has 0/no solutions then they are parallel lines, where the slopes are the same but the intercepts aren’t, ex. 3x+#, 3x-#  –> 3x=3x

And if an equation has 1 solution then the lines are perpendicular or oblique, where the slopes are different and one intercept is the same, ex. 3x – 4,  -5x – 4  –> -4 = -4

So that leaves us with infinite solutions, this only occurs when the lines are equal to each other (the same line/ on top of each other), where every point is over lapping, ex. 3x+2 = 3x+2 (coincident lines)

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