week 13 – math 10

This week we looked at the equation of lines, and learned about general form too. I’m gonna tell you more about general form. This form is mainly useful for entering equations into a computer and for finding missing Y and X intercepts, we can also see that if its in general form then we know its a liner and oblique line. Lets start!

Say we had been given the slope and random coordinates; m=4  (2,3)

First we need to put our equation in point form as I have shown you last week:

4(x-2)=y-3 –> 4x-5=y

Then we substitute our values to make all the parts in the equation together, so we move y over to the other side: Ax(-+)By(-+)C=0

so our general form is, 4x-y-5=0

and then when you want to find intercepts substitute the opposite variable as 0 then do the algebra,

y intercept: (0,y) / 4x-0-5=0

x intercept: (x,0) / 0(4)-y-5=0



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