week 11 – math 10

this week we specifically looked more into functions and finding the function equations. So I’m gonna show you how to find the function relation using the equation.

Let’s say I have, f(x) = 2x – 3  To start let’s first find out what each part represents:

f = the function can be any letter in the alphabet, represents your y variable too

(x) = this is your input; the value you substitute in to solve the equation

f(x)= this is your input all together

2x – 3 = this is the equation; when solved is your output value

Now that we know what each component is in the function relation, we can solve it using the given x value. For example let’s use 5:

instruction: first we substitute in our x value, now we can solve using BEDMAS

instruction: first you do multiplication –> 2×5=10 then you do subtraction –> 10-3=7, so now we know that 7 is our output/y value

Now lets say you didn’t get the x value at the start but on the equation and the output value.

Like, f(x)=2x-3, f(x)=7, then you would just use algebra to find the x value/input value:

instruction: first we get x alone by ridding of the 3, byb doing the opposite action (+). Now we get x alone again by getting rid of the 2 by dividing. So now we know that x=5; the input value is 5

hope that helped!

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