week 8 – math 10

This week we looked at Relations, something I learned from the lesson was, Finding X and Y intercepts. Don’t worry it not too hard once you get the gist of it, especially if you know hot to do simple algebra. First, lets look at the formulas:

X intercepts: (x,0)

Y intercepts: (0,y)

I know, your probably think, what does that mean?! well, I’m going to show you, first lets look at finding to x intercepts; we’ll use, 2x + 100y = 10:

Instruction: First we substitute the variables that we are given in this case y = 0, and 100 (0) = 0 so 100y cancels out, and were left with 2x=10 –> no comes the algebra!

Instruction: Now we have to get X alone, to do that we get rid of the 2 by doing to the opposite of it’s action which is dividing. What we do to one side we must do to the other so our answer ends up being, x=5. which we have to put into ordered pair form; (5,0) and that is our X  interscept

To find the Y intercept, instead of substituting y as 0, you substitute x as 0.

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