week 5 – math 10

This week we looked at polynomials and multiplying them. Something that helped me work with polynomials is, the area diagram. It is basically an easier way to multiply 2 polynomials together visually.

An example would be, (2x – 4) (-3y +4):

When you multiply 2 polynomials together then you must use the distributive property as shown below (multiplying everything thing together):

And now if we expand the equation is should look like this:

2x(-3y)  2x(4)  -4(-3y)  -4(4)

Now your probably thinking that this looks very complicating but I can help, with the AREA DIAGRAM!

First you draw a square or rectangle and make it into 1/4’s:

Then on the length of the shape you would right the first polynomial, and the same on the height of the shape with the other polynomial like so:

Now, like you would making a times table, you multiply for each box!:

<– (example of how to multiply)

<– (don’t forget exponent rules!!)

Now we add all of the sums IN the boxes to get our answer:

-6xy +12y + 8x -16

But if you ever end with an answer with like terms then add the like terms!!

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