Currents From The Kitchen


  • Orange
  • Banana
  • Lemon
  • Potato
  • Copper strip
  • Nail
  • Cables to be able to measure the electricity


  1. Get all the materials you need.
  2. Cut fruit in half.
  3.  Stick the copper strip and the nail into the piece of fruit.
  4. Clip one of sides of the cable to the nail and the other to meter. Do the same with the copper strip.
  5. Repeat each step with all the fruits and see which one produces the most electric current.


What we noticed the most is that each time the nail and copper strip went into the different fruits we had to change the position of where the cables were clipped on, so we could get a result and for it to work. We also found that we had to wipe the juice off of the copper and the nail before we used it one the other fruits.


We found that the lemon was tied with the potato for most electricity conducted. We already thought that the lemon was going to conduct a large electric current because it has a sort of juice which contains acid, which is meant to help how much of the electricity is being conducted. The reason for this is that acid has something in it that is different to normal fruit juices. That’s why when you eat a lemon, It tends to have a sour taste to it.