Uganda connection based learning

A summary of how you helped address the needs you noticed in Africa: The experience of talking to people that are from a different part of the world is really cool to do because you are able to help with what they need and to ask what thing are like there and compare that to here. We connected with Catherine Nakabugo from Gombe High School in Uganda. Are original plan was to make a type of stationary bike that when you pedaled it would produce electricity. That electricity could then be used to either charge electronic devices or produce lighting. We were not able to make the happen so we made a documentary video on all the groups from begging to end on how the innovation is going and their final result.   

A summary of what you learned so far: Different skills that I have developed from talking to people in Uganda and building my video is that you have to take risks and try something different. I also found that you have to be a leader so that if your group is off task you can bring them back on task. One example of when I used a different skill is when I had to video each group and made sure that we had each group and had to recap over what theirs is and do some editing. This would be an example of leadership because I had to be a leader for the group and make sure everything was there for are video. 

A debrief of the experience: The collaboration between are class and the class from Uganda went really well in my opinion because we had no trouble connecting with them and seeing what they needed help with and what helped with that was them being very cooperative with us. I think I did lot’s of things well. One of them is staying on task and staying focused on work. Another thing I did well was helping other members from my group out, so if I have something to do but they need help then I would help them. I think the connections based learning project was a great thing to do because we got to speak with another country and not many other people get to have that experience.