Kieran’s Safety Story

This symbol means that the liquid or chemicals that are inside are poisonous and infectious. It also means that it has toxic effects.

There once was a guy named Billy who had just entered the science class for the first time. He had no clue where anything was because he was on vacation for the first week of school and he didn’t bother asking about what he missed. Today Billy was told that they were going to use the compound microscope first. So Billy went over to the his station and set it up. He remembered that he needed a glass slide to put the substance on for his microscope, so he went and got one. What he didn’t remember to pick up was a cover slip to cover the substance that was on the glass slide. The sample that his teacher gave him he spilled all over the floor. His teacher got mad and gave him another thing to do. The teacher told him to pour liquids into a test tube so he could measure and mix different liquids together, but he didn’t put his safety goggles on so he got a chemical in his eye and didn’t know what to do because he wasn’t there when she told them about the eye wash station and decided to rub his eyes. At this time the teacher had gone to the washroom and he had a burning sensation in his eye from the chemicals. Then a boy named Lucas went and grabbed Billy’s arm and took him to the eye wash station so that he could wash his eye out. After 10 seconds of washing the chemicals from his eyes Billy took his face out of the water and thought¬†to himself does he keep washing his eyes because he felt like it wasn’t working or does he start rubbing them again. But then after 20 seconds of rubbing them the burning came back and that’s when Lucas said “you need to stand under there for 15 minuets so that all of the chemicals come out”.¬† When Billy’s teacher got back she was not impressed and called his parents. His parents came and picked him up. But before then he was walking passed a child and spilled their sample all over them and they had to stand under the shower for 15 minuets, the parents were not impressed to see their child come home from school drenched by water. Let’s just say the next day when Billy came to school, he got removed from the science class and put in french.

This symbol means that the liquid or substance that is in it has dangerously reactive chemicals in it.