Modelling Meiosis


Prophase 1:

The nuclear membrane dissolves, and the chromatin thickens and forms chromosomes.

Metaphase 1:

The chromosomes align on the equator and pair up with their matching chromosome. They then switch pieces of DNA with their matching chromosome.

Anaphase 1:

The spindle fibers pull the matching chromosomes away from each other towards opposite sides of the cell.

Telophase 1:

The cell starts to divide with the same amount of chromosomes on either side in the nucleus.

Prophase 2:

The nuclear membrane dissolves and centriols form.

Metaphase 2:

Chromosomes align in the center of the cell.

Anaphase 2:

The chromatids separate and are pulled to either side of the cell by spindle fibers.


Telophase 2:

Nuclear membranes form around the chromatids and the cell starts to split.

Questions For Meiosis

  1. Is meiosis I or meiosis II more similar to mitosis? Meiosis 2 because when the centrieres, pull the chromatids apart, they align by themselves instead of in pairs like in mitosis.
  2.  List three similarities between mitosis and meiosis: The first similarity is that both split into different parts. They also both have the same cycle and DNA.
  3. List three differences between mitosis and meiosis: Mitosis splits into 2 parts and meiosis splits into 4 parts. Meiosis creates genetic differences in its cells but mitosis only creates two.
  4. Explain which method contributes to genetic variation and why: Meiosis does because in it’s DNA the genes switch. Cause if it never changed then there would just be clones of people which would be scary.