Community Connections Alternate


Wendy’s Employment Opportunity

The employment opportunity is a part time job at Wendy’s. Working at an early age could give me a benefit going into a job if someone else has never worked before they would take you over them. The only qualification is that you have to be 15 and have some sort of achievements. i have played on many sports teams so I have good team work. i have also volunteered at different rec centers for helping young kids with basketball. I need to have decent grades to be able to be a good role for thus job and I will need to have a good attitude.

Swimming Instructor Helper volunteer opportunity

The volunteer opportunity I found was being an assistant with swim lessons at Hyde Creek Rec Center. This volunteering job could help me to get a part time job which would be actually teaching a swimming lesson on my own. I am very passionate about this volunteer job because i have just finished level 10 for swimming.