Reviewing Scale Factors

I used this video to recap how to find the similarities between two different triangles. It also helped me find the pattern for other shapes.

This video helped me pick out little details from word problems so I would be able to solve the word problem more easily.

Kahn Academy helped me a lot during this unit as well as other units. This site has all the math units you could think of. I will definitely be using it until I leave high school.

Math Core Competency Reflection

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Semester 2 goals paragraph

One of my goals for semester 2 is that I want to to work hard ad achieve a final grade of a B so I can make my parents happy. Another goal that I have is that i would like to be getting high grades and be doing well in my unit tests. By the end of the year I want to be happy with myself and know that I didn’t waste a year. I want to make Mr. Thies and my parents happy. I would really like to go into math 10 pre calculus and foundations.


Community Connections Alternate


Wendy’s Employment Opportunity

The employment opportunity is a part time job at Wendy’s. Working at an early age could give me a benefit going into a job if someone else has never worked before they would take you over them. The only qualification is that you have to be 15 and have some sort of achievements. i have played on many sports teams so I have good team work. i have also volunteered at different rec centers for helping young kids with basketball. I need to have decent grades to be able to be a good role for thus job and I will need to have a good attitude.

Swimming Instructor Helper volunteer opportunity

The volunteer opportunity I found was being an assistant with swim lessons at Hyde Creek Rec Center. This volunteering job could help me to get a part time job which would be actually teaching a swimming lesson on my own. I am very passionate about this volunteer job because i have just finished level 10 for swimming.

Modelling Meiosis


Prophase 1:

The nuclear membrane dissolves, and the chromatin thickens and forms chromosomes.

Metaphase 1:

The chromosomes align on the equator and pair up with their matching chromosome. They then switch pieces of DNA with their matching chromosome.

Anaphase 1:

The spindle fibers pull the matching chromosomes away from each other towards opposite sides of the cell.

Telophase 1:

The cell starts to divide with the same amount of chromosomes on either side in the nucleus.

Prophase 2:

The nuclear membrane dissolves and centriols form.

Metaphase 2:

Chromosomes align in the center of the cell.

Anaphase 2:

The chromatids separate and are pulled to either side of the cell by spindle fibers.


Telophase 2:

Nuclear membranes form around the chromatids and the cell starts to split.

Questions For Meiosis

  1. Is meiosis I or meiosis II more similar to mitosis? Meiosis 2 because when the centrieres, pull the chromatids apart, they align by themselves instead of in pairs like in mitosis.
  2.  List three similarities between mitosis and meiosis: The first similarity is that both split into different parts. They also both have the same cycle and DNA.
  3. List three differences between mitosis and meiosis: Mitosis splits into 2 parts and meiosis splits into 4 parts. Meiosis creates genetic differences in its cells but mitosis only creates two.
  4. Explain which method contributes to genetic variation and why: Meiosis does because in it’s DNA the genes switch. Cause if it never changed then there would just be clones of people which would be scary.



Uganda connection based learning

A summary of how you helped address the needs you noticed in Africa: The experience of talking to people that are from a different part of the world is really cool to do because you are able to help with what they need and to ask what thing are like there and compare that to here. We connected with Catherine Nakabugo from Gombe High School in Uganda. Are original plan was to make a type of stationary bike that when you pedaled it would produce electricity. That electricity could then be used to either charge electronic devices or produce lighting. We were not able to make the happen so we made a documentary video on all the groups from begging to end on how the innovation is going and their final result.   

A summary of what you learned so far: Different skills that I have developed from talking to people in Uganda and building my video is that you have to take risks and try something different. I also found that you have to be a leader so that if your group is off task you can bring them back on task. One example of when I used a different skill is when I had to video each group and made sure that we had each group and had to recap over what theirs is and do some editing. This would be an example of leadership because I had to be a leader for the group and make sure everything was there for are video. 

A debrief of the experience: The collaboration between are class and the class from Uganda went really well in my opinion because we had no trouble connecting with them and seeing what they needed help with and what helped with that was them being very cooperative with us. I think I did lot’s of things well. One of them is staying on task and staying focused on work. Another thing I did well was helping other members from my group out, so if I have something to do but they need help then I would help them. I think the connections based learning project was a great thing to do because we got to speak with another country and not many other people get to have that experience.    


Power Poverty Proposal

  1. We talked to Catherine Nakabugo and her students at Gombe high school in Uganda. I liked when we talked to the students cause they spoke English really well. That is good because then they could answer are questions. It was so cool seeing and talking to Ugandan people for the first time in person. I think the connection between our two classes was really strong. We all liked the ideas that past classes have come up with. I think that if we were to come up with something to help them they would be on board with us.

2. One of my ideas is to get a power generator and hook it up to a bike and find a way so when you pedal it produces electricity. We could also find a way to pedal and save the energy produced from the bike. It will be good because you get to charge your devices and have light when you need it, but to get that energy you need  to exercise on the bike. I think that we can find a way for us to get the energy and volts from peddling the bike to get enough electricity to store away and use later or just plug a device into the cable and charge it from riding the bike. I think if i worked with a couple of kids from Uganda that we will be able to figure things out and be able to find away to make a idea come to life.

3. To accomplish this idea you would have to be able to find a way to generate electricity and how to convert that energy into energy volts. To get the idea to come true we will need a stationary exercise bike and power generator. You will also need to find a plug to plug into the generator to charge your device. The steps you would need to take is first you would need to get a stationary bike and a generator. Then you find a cable to hook them together and transfer the electricity from the bike to the generator. Then if you need to get another cable to hook your device up to the generator so you can get the volts right away to charge you device.

4. I think that my research went well and that I have a pretty good idea of how to create and work my creation. The quality of my post is pretty good because I was able to talk about what I need to do to work and create my idea. I covered everything that I needed to cover be able to carry on with my idea and to work on my invention. I think that I could have explained my creation a bit more and how it works.

Image result for bike hooked up to a power generator

Sarah Mayanja    

Excellent idea.Its really realistic and will greatly help those who are out of reach of hydroelectricity.i think one is getting two things at a go, they generate energy and at the same time do the pedaling of the stationary bicycle. At least you’ve got something that will help those who cant afford the increasing cost of electricity.

Sarah Mayanja a student of Gombe High School




Narrative Poetry Mood Interpretation

The reason i used these pictures are because it was very cold outside and we had too show it in a way that made sense. i had to draw some of the pictures because it would be too difficult to find something in real life to represent this part of the story. To make our project more of a poem i made my own rhymes to show what happened in the story. The general Mood of the story was sadness, until the end where it was supposed to be funny with comedic relief.

Currents From The Kitchen


  • Orange
  • Banana
  • Lemon
  • Potato
  • Copper strip
  • Nail
  • Cables to be able to measure the electricity


  1. Get all the materials you need.
  2. Cut fruit in half.
  3.  Stick the copper strip and the nail into the piece of fruit.
  4. Clip one of sides of the cable to the nail and the other to meter. Do the same with the copper strip.
  5. Repeat each step with all the fruits and see which one produces the most electric current.


What we noticed the most is that each time the nail and copper strip went into the different fruits we had to change the position of where the cables were clipped on, so we could get a result and for it to work. We also found that we had to wipe the juice off of the copper and the nail before we used it one the other fruits.


We found that the lemon was tied with the potato for most electricity conducted. We already thought that the lemon was going to conduct a large electric current because it has a sort of juice which contains acid, which is meant to help how much of the electricity is being conducted. The reason for this is that acid has something in it that is different to normal fruit juices. That’s why when you eat a lemon, It tends to have a sour taste to it.