Core Competent Canadians

  1. What did you learn about the core competencies before this project?

I learned that each person has every core competency in them it’s just if you choose to use it. I also learned that there were lot’s of core competencies that you can have or that you use in your every day life. The core competency that I think I use most is communication because I like to talk to people about different things and different classes. Core competencies can come in handy when someone asks about what kind of job you have and you can tell them and also tell them what skills you use for your job. I learned that there are many Canadians that have done good things for our world and even if they have only done one thing to help with the town they might have a couple core competencies in the past. Terry Fox is one Canadian that no one will ever forget. He had used lot’s of core competencies like creative thinking to come up with the idea of running across Canada. He used self responsibility to be able to keep himself healthy and safe.

2.  How can your knowledge of core competencies help you in your school life?

I could use core competencies on assignments that I have to do for classes. I could do my work and list a couple core competencies that helped me with my work and helped me think of topics to write about. Core competencies could help a person with being able to share something that they might want to share but don;t normally like sharing. If I had to create a story or create a poem I would use creative thinking to help me with thinking of an idea.

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