Narrative Poetry Mood Interpretation

The reason i used these pictures are because it was very cold outside and we had too show it in a way that made sense. i had to draw some of the pictures because it would be too difficult to find something in real life to represent this part of the story. To make our project more of a poem i made my own rhymes to show what happened in the story. The general Mood of the story was sadness, until the end where it was supposed to be funny with comedic relief.

One thought on “Narrative Poetry Mood Interpretation

  1. Thank you for posting your flip book, retelling a narrative poem as a story using the FlipSnack technology. Here are my observations regarding your work:

    – Great job transferring methods of presentation (Google Slides > Flip Book > Embedded blog post)
    – Embedded properly on blog, minimal description of the project included in the blog post
    – Book looks professional with a combination of both text and photos
    – Layout looks professional with balanced photos, colour schemes, matching fonts, etc.

    Overall, I thought you did a very good job on this project!

    Thank you,

    Mr. Barazzuol
    COL Teacher

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