Math- Term One Reflection

This first semester in Math, has been a struggle for me because, I had to figure out what French words for math were in English, after a while I slowly started to understand the terms in English, and now I understand the math terms better. My goals for semester two, is not studying the night before a test but studying trough out the week and asking Ms. Lundgren more questions […]

Character Sketch

Character Sketch for Roach By Kiara Herrera. In Acceleration, we meet Scott Weber also known as the Roach, the antagonist of the story. Roach is man in his late 20s and early 30s, who has a diary or journal that he writes his experiments in, we know that the Roach is a paranoid man because in his diary he tells us nothing about him, possibly the reason for this […]

Infographic by Kiara

  This is the infographic that I made in Miss Tate’s English class for the poem “Here, Here and Here”, which is from the story Secret Path. In this infographic I will tell you about the imagery, tone/attitude, style, my interpretation and a little background about the story. I hope you get to know more […]

Stop Motion: Short Story Project

  For our stop motion project we decided to do the story The Hitchhiker by Roald Dahl. For our stop motion how I helped with the project is by bringing what we needed and by being the narrator as in the main character thoughts. For our project you see  the main details of The Hitchhiker, and […]


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