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“I don’t see any reason to retire as long as i’m having fun”-Stan lee

Stan Lee was an inspiration to a lot of people because he created a place to escape to. He created comics  his hole life, it was his legacy his reason to be, what he was good at. In  short he was a story teller and the world needs more of those story tellers. He inspires me to do what he did and inspire the world.

Glitter Bomb

This clip is my favorite because of all the science Mark  incorporates. Mark is a scientist and his experiments all are just for the fun of it. This video shows you how to make a glitter bomb to expose a package thief, all his videos are interesting and fun. All his videos show you how to create and replicate most of his ideas.


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superman is an inspiration to me because all he wants to is help the world and the less fortunate. He always thinks for others and never for himself. I picked this hero because he has been a big inspiration to me and my father, he was my fathers child hood hero and inspiration.

The Northwest Tree Octopus

I added the northwest tree octopus website because I would like to display my sense of hummer and, because this website that is clearly a hoax, it took a lot of time and determination witch I will demonstrate at riverside in my upcoming year.

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  1. Hi there,
    We are currently missing your Digital Footprint assignment and it is overdue at this time (Sep 23, 2019). Please post the assignment under your Math 9 category, using the tag footprint2019.
    Thank you,

    Mr. Robinson
    COL Teacher
    Riverside Secondary School

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