Chris Gardner

I very like this films ,and when I watched this films ,I felt  chris’s deep love for his son.And chris’s unwillingness to degenerate, positive character and spirit.Let me see the determination and efforts of the people at the bottom of the class to cross the class.There is no “why” in happiness, there is an “I” There are a lot of bridges in it, such as what Will said to his son when playing basketball. This is what we have to become parents to learn in the future… To give the child a wonderful world as much as possible. 

I’m impressed by the fact that the poor want to turn over, it’s hard and difficult, most of them don’t work hard, but it’s really a rope around the neck, there’s no chance of breathing, and their children are not born, not every poor child, all lucky enough to have this. Tenacious, ten times smarter than a father. 

In the end, this movie gives me the greatest experience. I want to give up everything except happiness. I must be happy to do things I like with people I like. 

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