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The Maze Game by Kevin Choi


  1. Describe your game and how to play it.

My game is a 2D maze game and you use the arrow keys to move your character.  The game changes levels once you reach the end of each level. The goal is to reach the final level and beat it.

2. What did you learn while making your game?

I learned to create a game with a program that has many restrictions. I found bugs in my games and learned to fix them as I went through.

3. What challenges did you encounter while making your game?

Sometimes my game wouldn’t work because of the backdrops or something was wrong with the script. I was not able to identify the bugs fast; therefore, my game got delayed.

4. How did you overcome these challenges?  Describe your problem solving steps.

I guessed which script was creating the program and I took it out and tested my game. I saw that my character would not move after clicking the start button. I realized that my backdrop color was black and if my character were to touch the color black the game would reset. So my character would start inside a black backdrop which stopped my scripts from working properly. I made the character disappear and it would appear after I clicked the start screen.