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Pre-Calc 11 Top 5 for 2017

Class Attendance
• Try to show up to every class because everyday theres different information and missing just one class will make you behind. You will never catch up if you miss a week. Theres way too much information that I couldn’t even get and I showed up every single day.
• Do the practice assignments for each unit even if its not due. They will help you understand the topics because the units relate to another. Not doing them will result in not knowing any units and will cause you to fall behind.
Test Correction
• Although the unit is complete and the test is done, its useful to do corrections. Theres a final exam at the end of which is composed of all of the units. Knowing what you got wrong for future reference is useful. Compare with your peers since they did the same test and ask questions if necessary.
Math Friend
• Sit beside someone you know so you don’t hate math as much. Math will become much enjoyable with a friend. If you don’t know anybody, sit beside a classmate and do some math together. Its better to struggle together than struggle by yourself

  • While going through the units, if you dont know something always ask the teacher. The odds are that other people dont know  something either and its better for the class to learn. You do not want to go into other chapters not knowing the basics first.