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Focus Question #2

Kevin Choi
Block A
Focus Question

House Focus Question

            In the story “House” by Jane Rule, the author uses different types of ironies to create
humour. Harry and Anna were having a conversation about buying a house when the children comes in and says, “That’s telling her, Harry,” said Joey. “Don’t call me Harry!” Said harry. “Who is this guy, Mom?” Joey asked. “Oh he is some sort of real estate agent.” Anna said.” (Page 22) this is a form of verbal irony. Joey can clearly see his dad; however, Joey acts like he doesn’t know his dad because Anna is calling him Harry. I find this amusing because I can giggle at this. I find that the other quotes are like this one too.

All Harry wants to do is buy a house “Because I would like to do something ordinary, for a change. I am an ordinary man, and I’d like to be ordinary just to see what it’s like.” (Page 26) This is a form of situational irony because all Harry wanted to do was buy a house however, at the end he just ends up disappointed and starts breaking the house down. Harry sold his beautiful boat that he loved, in order to be conventional. I find this funny since the whole point of the story was Harry wanting a house and finally he does however, it was all for nothing. The author uses a lot of irony to spice up the story, which does work in these cases.