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Sammy Sperm

Mr. Meiosis and Mrs. Meiosis gave birth to a sperm born on February 20, 2000 in Testi Hospital.  The Meiosis family decided to name the sperm Sammy. When Sammy the sperm was 5 months old, Sammy became lost and ended up in the Epididymis. Sammy learned and matured over this period of time. Sammy started his journey to find the golden egg. Before Sammy left, his dad told him to always go left. Sammy did not know what he was talking about.  He swam down to the Van Deferens Water Highway, he then reached Lake Bladder. There was a race to get to the other side of the lake, the winner would be able to find the golden egg and free dinner. Sammy won the race and ate at the Seminal Vesicle Diner. After Sammy has rested, Sammy continues his adventure to the Urethra Underwater Expressway. However, to go through the rough traffic he needed some supplies. Sammy bought semen at the Prostate Gland Acid Proofing Shop and lube from the Copwers Gland Lube Shop. He takes a spermship and launches into the air. After one month the spermship orbits into Vaginaland Sperm Station. Sammy realizes he is almost there and keeps on pushing to Uterusville until he is met with an intersections. He could either go left or right and he remembered what his dad was talking about. He turned left and found the golden egg and her name was Ms. Ovum. They loved each other so much that they merged and became a baby.

Bee Mutation Blog

IMG_1146 IMG_1145 IMG_1143 IMG_1141


Bee mutation A had 2 pairs of antennas instead of having one. This mutation is positive since the bees use their antenna to smell, feel and taste. Having 2 pairs of the antennas will provide a spare antenna if the other main one becomes damaged. Also, the abilities to smell, feel and taste will double.

Bee mutation B had a smaller sting than usual. This mutation is neutral because the size of the stinger does not matter, a small stinger sill does the same job by giving out venom when used.

Bee mutation C had no wings. This mutation is very negative, the prevents all the abilities of a bee. The bee will not be able to return home with pollen since it cannot fly back up to its hive. The bee would most likely die without the ability to fly.

This activity helped me realize that a little change can have a big effect or a small effect. There are a lot of variations of animals and it is very interesting what each of them do. I learned that mutations can affect the survival rate of animals.


DNA Bracelet

I had to make a DNA bracelet using string and cereal. Each coloured cereal represents a combined base letters to make it into a codon. Green = adenine, purple= guanine, yellow = thymine, and pink = cytosine.  The 3 pieces of cereal makes it a letter in the alphabet of the DNA alias code. The entire message of the bracelet represents the DNA sequence. My name represents multiple codons which make up amino acids. The mRNA fits through the pores in the nuclear and the ribosome holds onto the mRNA then, reads the instructions and links to the amino acids. image

DNA Model





In this experiment, I had to make a model of a DNA using liquorice, marshmallows, and toothpicks.  The liquorice represents the double helix. The backbones of the DNA are made up of sugar and phosphate. The marshmallows in the photo represents the bases which are adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine. Pink is cytosine, green is guanine, yellow is adenine and orange is thymine. The “rungs” or base are ALWAYS bonded in a certain way, adenine (A) double bonds with thymine (T) and cytosine (C) triple bonds with guanine (G). This activity helped me in a visual way. Since I have not seen a real DNA, and this gave me an understanding of what a DNA is shaped like and the base bonds.

Living in Space

imageLiving in the International Space Station (ISS). Everything in the ISS floats so it is difficult to sleep, change clothed and eat. Therefore there are fasteners which help. After the astronauts wake up, they can shower, eat,exercise and work. The food is mostly froze , dehydrated, or heat stabilized. In space the astronauts do not use their muscles a lot so the muscles become weaker. This is why exercise is needed to keep the muscles working. When an astronaut becomes injured, the medical officer will be the one to treat a patient. Each astronaut has different roles. The astronauts keep themselves busy by bringing their own entertainment such as music and books. They can also look out the window to see the beautiful view. In the ISS, the temperature is kept stable therefore they can wear anything comfortable.









image imageParallax is the view from two different lines of signt used to find the distance to the stars. To find the distance, find the distance of the base of the triangle. Determine the angle to the distant object from each end of the baseline. Then calculate the distance to the distant objetc from the baseline.

Galaxy Type

imageThe Messier 81 is a spiral galaxy. When I look at the galaxy there is a pinwheel shape to the galaxy. There is also a bulge in the middle where the red arms are surroundings. I am able to see red and blue colours around the galaxy.


The M32 galaxy is elliptical, a dwarf galaxy. This galaxy resembles a thick cigar. Compared to the Messier 81, the M32 has less shape and colour to it. The M32 is the largest and the oldest universe. Elliptical galaxy’s tend to be more 3D than other galaxies.



This galaxy named Coddington’s Nebula is a dwarf irregular galaxy. The Nebula does not have an exact shape or size however, they resemble some parts of the spiral and elliptical galaxy. This galaxy is small and includes dust and gas.

Oobleck Lab



1. Chemical A was white and powdery corn starch. Chemical B was a liquid that had yellow coloring.

2. It was a physical change since the powder and the liquid turned into solid/liquid goo.

3. I think it had both properties of liquid and solid. When it was on the table, it was hard and dry. However, when I picked it up to inspect it started to drift down much like a liquid. The oobleck did not bounce nor stay in a ball shape.

4. The oobleck was 2 states of matter at the same time. I learned about how an object can have both properties of solif and liquid





Science Circuit Challenge


I noticed in this experiment that the current stayed the same across the whole circuit. However the voltages were different. The voltage on light bulb 2 was larger since it was closer to the battery while light bulb 1 was smaller and farther away. When I added up the voltages on the light bulbs we had the amount the battery had which made sense to me. The farther you get away from the energy the lower voltage it has .