Experience Greek for Under $20

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Experience Greek for Under $20

Review by: Kevin Choi

Dinakis Mediterraneoan Grill is a restaurant that brings that taste of Greek right into Port Coquitlam. Dinakis has plenty of parking space for customers to enjoy. I have never truly loved Greek food until I tried Dinakis. The atmosphere and the delicious food alone makes me want to come back to Dinakis. As I enter, I am greeted by friendly waiters that find a clean marble table for my family. The comfortable chairs added with the soothing orange walls makes me feel at home. The place is brightly lit with subtle lights. The paintings on the walls go along great with the colors of the walls. Dinaki’s is usually packed with a lot of people; however, the servers try to help as much as possible despite the busyness of the restaurant. An unappealing part of the location is that there are train’s that go by behind the restaurant. The train blows its loud whistle one in a while which ruins the mood. Once in a while, the train carts make contact with each other and create an exploding sound. However, the food makes up for the annoying sounds. The menu has a vast selection of different Greek and Mediterranean food although they are best known for their expertise in Greek food. A mixture of different food scents develops an irresistible smell. The food can be classified as expensive o-2although, there is enough food for two people to eat with one meal. Their signature dish, the souvlaki’s are my absolute favorite. There are 4 types of souvlaki’s for example, beef, lamb, chicken and prawn souvlakis. A souvlaki includes a classic Greek salad, two fire-grilled meat skewers of my choice, potato’s with rice, plain pita bread, and two zesty sauces. The Greek salad comes with freshly picked cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, with a shredded creamy feta cheese. The salad compliments the skewers and without each other, the experience would be totally different. I enjoy changing up the type of skewer every time I eat at Dinakis. The meats are tender and full of flavors, it is truly cooked to perfection. Cooking with lamb is known to be difficult to get right. Over cooking the lamb will result in the meat being rubbery and smelly, however, that was not the case at Dinakis. In the rice and potatoes, I could taste the herbs and citrusy lemons which added a nice kick it needed. Finally, a single plain piece of pita bread comes alongside the two dips. I have yet to realize what either of these dips are for. My friend ino-1formed me that one is for the salad and the other is for the bread, however, I use it for every part of the meal. The dips are practically universal, I can dip bread or meat in the sauces and they would still taste like heaven. One of the souvlakis is able to fill two people since the food provided is plentiful. Dinakis has been voted 2015’s favorite restaurant in the Tri-City News and without a doubt, the restaurant brings in a lot of hungry customers. Dinakis Mediterranean Grill has reasonably priced food that is delicious and also filling, anyone who wants Greek food should definitely give Dinakis a try.



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