Marshmallow and Spaghetti Tower


In this activity our group had to create a standing structure with spaghetti, strings and tape. We were allowed to cut the strings and tape in order to support the building. The main goal was to reach the highest with the marshmallow on the tip of the structure. We were to not cut the marshmallow in any shape or form. The main aspect of physics in this activity is gravity, balance and weight shift.  We couldnt just tape up all the spaghetti in a long line and lift it up. The marshmallow would need support in order to maintain at the tip without losing its balance. We tried an unorthodox approach at building this structure, a triangular base was used for the foundation. We taped a tiki shaped structure to the base to gain elevation. We followed this similar structure to create supports for the structure. This activity reminded me off the Eiffle tower because it is supported the same way as some of the supports on the legs, resembling a crisscross pattern. I think that balancing weight on the structures were the hardest because we were not sure which part of tower needed more support. If we had more time, we would have been able to create a well balanced structure that could hold up a marshmallow.