Romeo and Juliet Theme

Sometimes it’s necessary to disobey my parents. Times are always changing and new aspects of life will soon be brought to my parent’s lives. My parents were skeptical of smartphones when they were first introduced to the idea of it.  They took a very long time before they changed to a smartphone. Some learning was needed in order to use the phone; however, they soon loved their smartphone. I don’t think that my parents did not like the idea of it, they were just scared of change. I think that if I truly believe that  I am right in a certain situation I should always fight for it. I should fight for my passion and never look back. There is a difference between disrespecting and disobeying my parents. Yelling at my parents and using profanity to say what’s on my mind is disrespecting my parents. I can’t think that I am better than them because I was made by them and I only get one true set of parents. Arguing with my parents from time to time is disobeying because there will always be small fights here and there because that’s what we need. We need to let out what’s on our minds once in a while or we might explode. It is necessary to disobey my parents but not necessary to disrespect.

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