Racism Now vs Then

Racism started in the 1400s and still continues to be one of the biggest problems in North America. Black people and white people will never get along because they have different beliefs.  The white people believe that the black people are being treated equally nowadays; however, black people are still being discriminated and people are just unaware. Racism has gradually disappeared; however, people still discriminate the black people because of their past. In the 1800s slavery was a key factor with racism, the blacks were enslaved by the white people. The black people were deprived of the right to vote, schooling, jobs and being able to go out in public places once they were free. They were forced to make extremist groups like The Black Panther Party were made to patrol the African American community to protect the residents from police brutality. The white people look down upon the black people because of their actions. They are seen as hostile and violent before.

Now racism has been changed. The Black Panther Party is now called the New Black Panther Party. Founded 1989 by Aaron Michaels to uphold the values of the original party, the party was anti-white and anti-Semitic. The new black panthers Desire a separate state made for blacks where they are in power and blame the Jewish for the slave trade and 9/11 attacks. The black people have been discriminated against for so long that people just see it as a normal way of life. The rights have also changed, black people are able to vote just like anyone else. Black people can have the same lives and be equal. However, the society looks down upon them which results in bad behaviour. The police still shoot blacks for being threatening even though they do not pose a threat to anyone else. Racism now and then has changed quite a bit, racism can only be changed by humans and how they act. Everyone has to treat each other as equal, the black people can’t have benefits nor drawbacks.

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