Math 11 Autobiography



When I was young I always just seemed to get math. Math was never too challenging for me or too easy for me. I think this is because I studied math in Korea until 8 years old. In Korea the schools are far ahead in math compared to Canada. When I came to Canada math was very simple and I was able to receive high marks.  In grade six I was one of the best math students in my class and for some reason I just started to be good at math. I was enrolled into math 9 honours program and that was not challenging however, it was just a lot of work. I took the time to take math 10 in the summer. I am actually a grade 10 taking a math 11 course. My sister who is at UBC told me that math 11 and 12 are the most important courses, so that I should receive a high grade. Math was never fun for me in my opinion. I hope that math 11 will spark some interests in me. I remember when I was very young I could not multiply or divide double digit numbers. I got a tutor and went to institutes to better my learning and it has helped me a little. I don’t seem to have any real successes or failures in my math career. I hope pre-calculus will not be too hard for me.