Sammy Sperm

Mr. Meiosis and Mrs. Meiosis gave birth to a sperm born on February 20, 2000 in Testi Hospital.  The Meiosis family decided to name the sperm Sammy. When Sammy the sperm was 5 months old, Sammy became lost and ended up in the Epididymis. Sammy learned and matured over this period of time. Sammy started his journey to find the golden egg. Before Sammy left, his dad told him to always go left. Sammy did not know what he was talking about.  He swam down to the Van Deferens Water Highway, he then reached Lake Bladder. There was a race to get to the other side of the lake, the winner would be able to find the golden egg and free dinner. Sammy won the race and ate at the Seminal Vesicle Diner. After Sammy has rested, Sammy continues his adventure to the Urethra Underwater Expressway. However, to go through the rough traffic he needed some supplies. Sammy bought semen at the Prostate Gland Acid Proofing Shop and lube from the Copwers Gland Lube Shop. He takes a spermship and launches into the air. After one month the spermship orbits into Vaginaland Sperm Station. Sammy realizes he is almost there and keeps on pushing to Uterusville until he is met with an intersections. He could either go left or right and he remembered what his dad was talking about. He turned left and found the golden egg and her name was Ms. Ovum. They loved each other so much that they merged and became a baby.