Bee Mutation Blog

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Bee mutation A had 2 pairs of antennas instead of having one. This mutation is positive since the bees use their antenna to smell, feel and taste. Having 2 pairs of the antennas will provide a spare antenna if the other main one becomes damaged. Also, the abilities to smell, feel and taste will double.

Bee mutation B had a smaller sting than usual. This mutation is neutral because the size of the stinger does not matter, a small stinger sill does the same job by giving out venom when used.

Bee mutation C had no wings. This mutation is very negative, the prevents all the abilities of a bee. The bee will not be able to return home with pollen since it cannot fly back up to its hive. The bee would most likely die without the ability to fly.

This activity helped me realize that a little change can have a big effect or a small effect. There are a lot of variations of animals and it is very interesting what each of them do. I learned that mutations can affect the survival rate of animals.