DNA Bracelet

I had to make a DNA bracelet using string and cereal. Each coloured cereal represents a combined base letters to make it into a codon. Green = adenine, purple= guanine, yellow = thymine, and pink = cytosine.  The 3 pieces of cereal makes it a letter in the alphabet of the DNA alias code. The entire message of the bracelet represents the DNA sequence. My name represents multiple codons which make up amino acids. The mRNA fits through the pores in the nuclear and the ribosome holds onto the mRNA then, reads the instructions and links to the amino acids. image

DNA Model





In this experiment, I had to make a model of a DNA using liquorice, marshmallows, and toothpicks.  The liquorice represents the double helix. The backbones of the DNA are made up of sugar and phosphate. The marshmallows in the photo represents the bases which are adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine. Pink is cytosine, green is guanine, yellow is adenine and orange is thymine. The “rungs” or base are ALWAYS bonded in a certain way, adenine (A) double bonds with thymine (T) and cytosine (C) triple bonds with guanine (G). This activity helped me in a visual way. Since I have not seen a real DNA, and this gave me an understanding of what a DNA is shaped like and the base bonds.