Indigenous Food Project Reflection

Over the past week I have learned some things about a few of the many indigenous groups that exist in the area. One thing I have been able to take from this assignment is that many of the indigenous groups in the area made use of similar things (after all, it is a matter of availability), particularly salmon and some types of berries (cranberries and blueberries come to mind). I enjoyed working on this assignment because it was nice to learn about the many groups that live in the area and come up with food based on them. Our group worked together well, we were able to split up the workload evenly and we were all able to get our work done on time and we worked together well when it came to cooking. Overall, I am happy with the way our dish turned out, it was not particularly over or under-cooked, it looked nice and it tasted good as well. As a whole, I am satisfied with the outcome of this project.

A Place at the Table Response

The food documentary “A Place at the Table” provides an insight on families who struggle with food insecurity, poverty and the fact that obesity and malnutrition are concepts that are not mutually exclusive in a first world country (America). I personally thought that the movie did a good job showing the fact that, while many people are still being fed every day, it is still not the nutrients they need to be healthy and exploring the factors that lead to it. I also found it to be rather interesting that some of these families are simply unable to get the right food where they live because there isn’t anything available (as in it doesn’t get delivered to them) or it is far too expensive. One thing I also found noteworthy in the film is the fact that, while cafeterias are much more prevalent in the United States than they are in Canada, the budget is incredibly low, resulting in low quality food in terms of both taste and nutritional value (which provides some truth to the common television cliche of the bad cafeteria food). However, for the most part, I already had some understanding of food insecurity through watching other food-based documentaries like Food Inc which mention the lower class people who have to rely on things like fast food just for sustenance. Despite having some knowledge and understanding of food insecurity, it was still interesting to get a closer look at families who have to deal with it and how circumstances tend to play against them. If I was able to influence the problem of food insecurity I would try to make healthier foods more easily accessible in terms of both cost and supply. I would do this because a major issue that ties in to food insecurity is the fact that healthy food is either too expensive for families in the lower class/poverty or simply cannot be accessed by people who live in the more rural “food deserts” so increasing the availability and lowering the cost of these healthy foods would reduce the amount of food deserts and give those who are less fortunate access to the nutrients they need to live a healthy lifestyle. Overall, this movie, while providing some information I may have been previously aware of, did a good job of exploring food insecurity and poverty through the families that must deal with it and it gave me an idea on how to deal with food insecurity to a degree.

Cooking Reflection – February

Lab – Biscotti




Out of all the cooking labs we did for Foods 12 throughout February, I decided to write about the biscotti lab. I chose this lab in particular because it is one that, while I was still fully satisfied with the results, I still feel like we could have done more with it. I found this to be a lab that I enjoyed because it feels like the first lab we did where I had gotten completely used to how things were in the lab and when our group had been put together. Overall, the food had turned out exactly how it needed to be, this is likely helped by the fact that we were able to set the timer to how we needed it and we didn’t try to take it out before or after the timer had finished. Our group also worked together well during this lab, I feel that this was because by this point we had all gotten used to the lab and so we understood our different roles properly instead of getting mixed up in each other’s business. It may not be directly tied to the overall execution of the lab, but if we were to ever do this lab again, I would probably try to do something to add more flavor to the biscotti instead of having it as is (like using optional ingredients) or I could try to have it with a different beverage. I would do this simply because I would like to see how different flavors of biscotti/beverage work together. In terms of execution, I would try to crack the eggs better (or ask somebody else to do it) because I am not particularly experienced with cracking eggs well and I want to waste as little of the eggs as possible.

Final Product

Waste Plan

To me, the way I deal with waste and garbage is a bit of a mixed bag. There are some areas where I am very good with dealing with waste. Whenever I am outdoors, I make an absolute effort to make sure any garbage I produce is disposed of appropriately and I make sure if any of my garbage falls to the ground that I pick it up and throw it away properly. When I am at home, I also try to do well with waste, we dispose of garbage, recycling and compost seperately, make sure waste is cleared out on a regular basis, and the complex deals with making sure the waste gets disposed of by the city (the complex I live in has a shared garbage/recycling/compost system). However, despite the areas where I am good at dealing with waste, I acknowledge that there are many areas where I definitely need some improvement in. By far the biggest area I need to improve in with waste disposal is the sorting I do between garbage/recycling/compost. There have been a number of instances where I find myself putting something into the wrong bin, whether it is something that should be compost going in the garbage, recycling ending up in the garbage and so on. This could easily be resolved by watching what I put in each bin, and making more of an effort to put things in the right bins. Another way I need to improve is with my recycling in general. I very rarely try to sort out my recycling, this often results in all of my recycling going into one bin regardless of if it is plastic, cardboard, drink containters and so on. This issue also has an easy solution of making sure I sort through all of the recycling and put everything in the cooresponding containers rather than dumping it all into one. The third thing that I feel may need some improvement is the amount of waste that I produce. I have noticed that with a lot of the things I eat that they tend to come in large amounts of packaging which all amounts to waste by the end of it. This also extends to the way we contain our food if we wish to preserve it or contain it as there are many situations where I opt to use something like plastic or foil wrap to pack my food instead of something like a reusable container. The main solution for this would be to consume products which produce less packaging waste and try to use more reusable containers when packing food. Overall, the way I deal with waste is definitely something that needs improvement and a good way for me to start with improving would be to try to make sure everything I dispose of is disposed of as properly as I can, then I can work on consuming things with less wasteful packaging and I could try to use more reusable packaging when packing food of my own (plastic containers rather than plastic/foil wrap).

Physics in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

How does a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner’s understanding of physics (torque) make him or her more effective?

Since torque primarily deals with rotation and the forces applied to create rotation, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ties into torque because trying to use torque to make the opponent’s body move and bend in ways that it was not designed to is one of the main focuses of the submission holds that play a major part in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Torque – Forces that cause an object to rotate but not necessarily change location. Calculated by multiplying the forces acting on an object by the distance from the fulcrum point.

Force – One thing acting on another, used in gravity, movement, friction, etc.

Equilibrium – When all forces acting on an object are equal, making the object appear static.

Fulcrum – The “balancing” point of an object being manipulated by torque.

Two Submission Holds

The following pictures are of the Ankle Lock and the Arm Bar respectively with an approximate labeling of the lever, fulcrum, torque and the force.


A practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu who has a sufficient understanding of physics and torque will be more effective because understanding how to apply torque as well as an understanding of the human body and the ways it is meant to move (and the ways it is not meant to move) will allow the individual to more effectively use the different submission holds that utilize torque in their execution

Safety First!

Make sure the oven and any heating elements are turned off when they are no longer in use.

Leaving the oven on after it has been used may cause the heat to build up and start a large fire. To combat this, make sure the oven is turned off after you are done using it.

When dealing with a grease fire, never try to use water on it.

Trying to use water on a grease fire will only cause the fire to spread even more as the gif above demonstrates. Instead, try to smother the fire using salt or contain it with a lid.

Never touch the elements on a stove while they are on or if they have been used recently.

Since the elements on a stove need to have a high temperature in order to cook anything, placing your hand on it will cause a serious burn. Even if the particular element is off, it still takes some time for the element to cool down.

Make sure any burns are covered in a waterproof bandage.

Bandaged hand

Keeping your burns covered with a bandage will help prevent it from being irritated on contact with other items and prevent it from getting infected in some way.

Make sure chemicals are properly labelled and located accordingly.

kitchen sink cabinets

Many chemicals, including those found around the kitchen, can be incredibly dangerous. Having a label and an appropriate location for these chemicals can help identify the particular dangers involved with that chemical as well as prevent an individual from believing it is a drink.

Make sure chemicals never mix unless directly specified to.

Related image

While some chemicals are totally fine on their own, combining them can sometimes create toxic, explosive or otherwise hazardous reactions.

Make sure messes are cleaned up as soon as possible.

Download Free Stock HD Photo of Spill on wooden floor Online

On top of being unsanitary, leaving a mess on the floor can cause someone to slip and fall, resulting in a possible injury.

Don’t run in an area where there is a high risk in falling.


Running in a tight, crowded area like a kitchen may cause one or more people to fall, resulting in an injury. This also ties into the above safety tip, as running into a spill can cause an even greater injury.

Never have a sharp object (like a knife) located in an area where you would have to reach it blindly.

Related image

If you have something sharp in an area that you may have to reach blindly for it, like soapy water (when you need to wash it) you could accidentally grab on to the sharp part and cause a hand injury.

When carrying a knife, make sure the blade is pointed downward.

Image result for walking with knife

Having the blade of a knife pointed upwards may cause you to stab yourself upon tripping, or other people could trip and fall onto your blade. Keeping it to the side or pointed down will prevent it from stabbing anyone in the event of a fall, at least in any vital parts.

Make sure to always lift with your knees rather than with your back.

Image result for lift with knees

Lifting with your back may cause you to injure yourself or lead to potential back problems later on in life.

When lifting large and/or heavy objects, make sure to have one or more people assist you.

Image result for two people lifting

Trying to lift large objects on you own may cause you to damage the object you are carrying, yourself or whatever it around you. Lifting with others allows you to split the burden with one person or more and allow you to better control the object.

Never consume anything from a can that is bulging, leaking, dented, rusted or any combination of the above.

Image result for bulging can

A can suffering from any of the above traits may be damaged or improperly contained and the contents inside may be hazardous to your health. It is advisable to dispose of the can immediately.

Make sure to dispose of any food that contains mold of any kind.

Image result for moldy bread

Mold generally indicates that the food in question has gone bad, and consuming it is hazardous to your health. Make sure to also dispose of any packaging that the food may have come into contact with.

Make sure any food waste is properly wrapped before being disposed of.

Related image


Wrapping any food waste you dispose of prevents food bacteria from spreading to anything else. Wrapping the food may also prevent any animals from trying to get a hold of your food waste.

Make sure any organic waste is placed in the compost bin.

Placing your food waste in someplace like a garbage can causes the food to end up in a landfill, damaging the environment. Using a compost bin makes sure the food is placed somewhere where it can decompose naturally and help the environment.

Wash your hands before preparing any food.

Image result for wash hands

Over the course of the day, your hands get covered in all sorts of bacteria, and you would not want to have that get in any of the food you wish to serve to yourself or others. Make sure to wash your hands with soap in order to eliminate as much bacteria as possible before cooking.

Make sure your hair is tied back or otherwise contained when preparing any food.

Image result for Hairnet

Hair is something that nobody wants to see in their food as it is unhygienic and it may spread some hair related conditions to others. Make sure your hair is tied back in something like a ponytail or bun or wear something like a hairnet and refrain from making any contact with your hair while preparing food.


Words to Live By


In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently. – Tony Robbins

     I find this to be a quote that stands out to me as it connects to how I started to commit to my goals. For a long time, I was never really able to make certain long term commitments, and things would rarely change for me as a result, whether it was for studying something new, exercising or saving money to get something I wanted. These would all turn out the same way, I would try to do something once in a while to contribute towards my goal, but it would ultimately fall apart by the end. Eventually, I understood that if I wanted any change to occur with these goals I would need to take more consistent action towards achieving the goals. Through this, I was finally able to make stronger commitments towards my goals and I have come closer to achieving them than ever. Overall, this quote in particular connects to me because it represents what I needed to do so I could commit to my goals and get closer to achieving them, helping me direct my life in a way.

Desmos Art Functions Card 2018

For this project, I figured out a number of the equations that looked best through assumptions and a bit of trial and error, for constructing the many circle graphs found in the image, I already figured out and understood semicircle graphs, so that was easy to figure out, but there are some parts of the graph that required more thinking. For the hair, I figured that trigonometric graphs would work best in order to best represent my curly hair. For the eyebrows, I figured out that the way logarithmic graphs curve down provided the best representation of eyebrows as they usually curve down. This is similar to how I decided to use exponential graphs in creating the ears as I figured out that the upwards curve provided by exponential functions helped provide a better representation of the upwards curve and the irregular shape of ears than if I were to use semicircle functions. I decided to use polynomial (quadratic) and exponential functions for the shape of the face because I noticed that quadratic functions were able to properly represent a more rounded off chin shape and the exponential functions helped join the two quadratic functions together with a natural curve. Part of my strategy for creating parts of the image came mostly through prioritizing the inclusion of every required function type and making sure they fit in the image properly as well as determining which functions would create a more detailed image while still not taking too long to implement. The main challenges from this project came from the implementation of the nose and the mouth to a smaller extent as I had a hard time trying to figure out the equations that would provide a more proper looking nose and the mouth needed a large amount of resizing to make it a size I was satisfied with. The primary help I received with this project was being shown how to implement shading into the project. This project helped me understand the different effects that can come from combining different functions (although only one example is used in the final product) and it helped me understand how different types of functions can be utilized.