Media Research Project

Kenya Anand

English 10

18 September 2020

Mr. Barazzuol

Disney Plus Analysis


Disney plus was said to be, “the ‘highest priority’ of the Walt Disney Co” (Iger 2017). Disney Plus is a clearly successful streaming application obviously created by Disney. It streams films which are owned or created by Disney including Marvel, Lucasfilm and Star Wars. Similar to Netflix, Disney Plus has paid subscriptions for shows and movies. Though unlike Netflix, Disney Plus has a feature called “Premier Access” which allows consumers to see certain movies at an earlier release date than regular subscribers. In Canada, the price for a regular subscription costs $8.99 per month and $89.99 per year; it is 17% cheaper to purchase the yearly subscription. This is also cheaper than Netflix’s $9.99 for one user, $13.99 for two and 16.99 for four. An interesting fact is that there are also benefits based on the user’s provider, “If Verizon is your service provider you get a free year [of Disney Plus]” (Jones 2019). Disney plus offers “Originals” which are original shows and movies that are only available on Disney Plus; this is just like a Netflix Original. Disney Plus spent over a billion dollars on Originals alone including The Mandalorian. A considerable difference is that Disney Plus is intended for younger audiences and is filled with only family friendly content. According to Common Sense Media, the app is recommended for ages eight and up. Disney Plus was created by a team of previous Disney employees including Ricky Strauss, Agnes Chu, and Kevin Mayer. Ricky Strauss is the president of marketing and content; Agnes Chu is the Vice President of content, and Kevin Mayer was the direct-to-consumer chairman. These three were significant leaders of the Disney Plus Team. An interesting detail was that Disney Plus launched in Canada in November 2019, but Latin America does not even have access to this yet as Disney Plus will launch there in October 2020. Also, Disney Plus has approximately 500 films and 7000 show episodes. Another interesting fact is that Disney Plus has gift cards. A last fact that was entertaining is that since quarantine (between February and March), the number of users went up by 43.75 percent. Again, Disney Plus is a very successful streaming service. Between Disney being already super successful, and how much they offer, this service is, “cheap, easy-to-activate, easy-to-cancel, digitally delivered entertainment on demand” (Barnes 2019).

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What is New Media?

New media is an online way to exchange information. It is a relatively new method of collaboration which allows remote communication using the internet. What makes it “new” is the fact that it is on demand and makes for two-way communication. With previous, or “traditional” media such as the radio, books, television, and others, users are unable to interact with the media. It is a one-way conveyance from the publisher to the audience per say. New media consists of new platforms, for instance, social networking, smartphones, emails and live videos. These examples allow for that two-way communication as people can send messages online to peers, family and friends. There is also an option to comment on live videos and have conversations with other users at the same time. These types of media can be consumed in multiple different ways including social networking on a cell phone, games on a tablet or computer, and whoever is reading this is most likely using a laptop. These are all ways that media can be fragmented or used differently. Though while on the web, there is a good chance that information is false, or that the source may not be credible, but luckily there are some ways to spot that. If something doesn’t make sense or does not seem real, there is a great chance that is false information. The user may also look into who uploaded the post and when to see if the author is reliable. There are other ways to verify if your information is reliable or not, but one more thing that is important is to, “double check the information on a few different web pages” (Bedley 2017). That way the information is more likely credible. Even with fake news, media isn’t a bad thing, everyone must simply be aware of how they consume it.

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