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Math Weekly blog post 17

this week we did system of linear equation substitution and elimination.

System of linear equation is where you take two sets of linear equation and trying to find the point on where would they cross or meet.

to solve this system you could either substitute or eliminate. Substitution is where you take one set of equation and try to isolate a variable and then insert that on where your isolated variable is on the other set of equation to find the value of that variable. And also do this vise versa to the other variable to get the value.

The elimination method you either add or subtract the equations to get an equation in one variable. You have to “cancel out” one variable to get the other variable, after you insert what you got into one of the set to get the other variable and now you have the coordination of  where the linear would meet.

For this one I used elimination and subtracted from both equation the 3y and from there on I had the answer x=4, then I inserted it to one of the equation to where there would be an x to replace it and solve that equation and I had an answer of y=2. So the coordinate they would meet or cross is in (4,2).

that is what we learned this week on systems of linear equations.


May Lab Reflection

One of my favourite lab that month was the perogies that we made. The lab took 3 days for it to make and in my opinion it was the best lab by far. The first day when we made the dough and the filling was good, the dough was perfect but the problem was the filling. I was the one who made the filling so it was my fault but when I made the filling, I made the chopped bacon and after I forgot to dump the bacon fat so, then when I sautéed the onions and stuff, it mixed with it so it was my fault, after that Henry was sick and so it was only Cham and me and Cham didn’t want to eat any because she was full so I was the only one who ate it. that was all and to be honest it was still tasty even though it was full of diabetes and wish we could do it again someday.

What is in my junk food?

One of my favourite junk food is A&W Mozarella Burger Combo. I like the Moza Burger because of how it taste, how accessible it is because I love a few blocks away from A&W, and that I don’t have to prepare my meal.

It’s ingredients are regular beef patty, A&W seasoning, sesame seed bun, lettuce, tomato, bacon, and Moza sauce(https://www.aw.ca/foodfacts.nsf/NutrientsByRef/BFEB043EAE92A6BF88256DF00075AE5D?opendocument). It has 620 calories and 9 grams of sugar. The reason why it’s unhealthy is because I ate the Mozarella Burger twice a week at least and that it’s not the only one, the other reason is that it comes with burger and pop so that is added calories and fat. That’s why it is unhealthy and that we should be careful of what we eat. Also, overall burgers are addictive and after we eat once, you sometimes don’t stop.(http://www.menshealth.com.sg/weight-loss-nutrition/why-burgers-are-so-addictiveand-bad-you)

Math Weekly blog post #16

That week we did equations of lines and solving equation of graphs.

there is 3 kinds of equations of lines.

to find the slope the equations is y1-y2 divided by x1-x2

the first one is called the slope-y intercept equation which is y=mx+b. To solve for this one you have to obtain the slope which is your M and at least your y coordinate which is your B.

the second one is called general form which is Ax+By+C=0. The A has to be bigger than 0 and all has to be integers for this to work, also it has to equal always to 0. To do this you can just do the slope-y intercept equation and trasfer the Y to the other side and your done.

the most efficient one is the slope-point form which is m(x1-x2)=y1-y2. To solve this one you need the slope and 2 sets of coordinates a and you have you’re equation in just seconds.

this is the slope-point form equation turned to general form.

i only needed one set coordinate and a slope and turned it into general form and that’s what I learned this week.


Math Weekly blog post #14

That week we learned how to interpret graphs of functions and to do distance formula.

interpretting graphs is explaining what is happening in the graph by how and what the slope looks like. When it is a flat line it is a constant rate, if it is going up your increasing and going down is decreasing.

for example


When I was walking home, I walked at a constant rate, then slowed down and and walked at that rate, then started walking again at a faster rate for a short while then walked at a constant rate till I slowed down to stopped at my doorstep.

this is how you interpret a graph function and how to do it.


Math 10 week #15

That week in math 10 we learned about slopes.Slope is a number that describes how steep the line is and what kind of slope it is.

There are four type of slopes: positive, negative,undefined, and zero

Positive slope goes up to right , negative slope goes down to the right from the left, undefined slope is vertical to the graph, and zero is the line which goes horizontally in the grid.

The formula of the slope is rise which how the line goes to the Y axis,divide by run which it goes to the X axis.

For example I start in the (-2,-1)  with a rise of 4 then had a run of 3 the equation for that would be y=4/3x-1.

That’s what I learned this week

Weekly blog post #13

Tell: This week in Math 10 we learned how to solve a function notation.

Show: You use function notation to find the y co-ordinate that is associated with the x c-ordinate on a graph within which the function equation is possible on. The way that function notation works is by first finding out the actual function.

To solve f(x)=9-2x and if the (x) were (-3) then the answer for this notification answer is 15

Math Weekly blog post #12

That week we did introduction in relations and funtions and how to do them.

a relation is how and equation in a X and Y axis has a pattern that is repeated all the time. function is a relationship between two variables. The first variable determines the value of the.

here is an example of a relation↓↓↓

in this picture there is so pattern in each question that has a repetition. In a graph the lines should connect because it is a continuous variable.


Weekly math blog post #11

What we did that week was how measurements connected to trigonometry. Measurements has 2 kinds that are commonly used, the Imperial measurement and the SI measurement(Metric). Trigonometry deals with the relations of the sides and angles of triangles and with the relevant functions of any angles.

what their connection is without knowing what measurements you are using (cm,m,mm,ft,in), you cannot solve trigonometry.

how to solve this is finding the missing side. To find the missing side of this triangle, I had to do Pythagoras( a^2+b^2=c^2). I had to add 4.8^2 +   9.3^2=c^2 and the answer is 109.53 squared which is 10.5