Millennial response

Simon Simek’s video on Millennials clearly explained our lives today. To begin with, his presentation was mainly about technology, and how we “Millennials” are too addicted to them. This point was very precise and I can easily agree with it, even I spend too much time on my phone and devices. Furthermore, Simon presented us with evidence about how kids these days are lazier and social media effects on the suicide rates. Online bullying is easier to do than physical bullying because there is no need for face to face confrontation therefore, it is easier to say mean and hurtful words or actions that make victims feel horrible or depressed, leading to suicides, because victims can’t take it or can’t face they’re peers about because it is too embarrassing. Simon’s point about bad parenting is also true, kids who worked hard getting what they deserve and then, a kid who didn’t worked hard, but also gets the same award, the value of that award lowers. Then a grade-A student all gets A’s, but the other kid who didn’t worked also got A’s because the teacher does not want to face the parents, then it’s unfair. Simon’s point about this is true, because kids have to face reality about being a second place kid rather than being always first, and you can’t get medals for being second place, that is reality without the help of your parents. This is why I agree with Simon Simek’s view on us, the “Millennials” and why we have to strive hard to achieve what we want.