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The “WE KAN” Project

This past week, we (a science 9 class) were given a task. We were asked to create a video about a project that is possible but not necessarily easy and I believe my group did just that. The “WE KAN” Project is about how we would like to make our very own solar panels to send to countries in light poverty. Please check out our video and let us know that you think.



What I am most excited about in my years to come at Riverside Secondary School:

In my years to come at Riverside Secondary School I am most looking forward to the amount of different opportunities I will come across. Having the ability to try new things and learn what passions I may have, will be extremely helpful when it comes to figuring out my path for the future. Industrial Design is a career that I am interested in so I am grateful to be able to sink my teeth into this course still at an experimental level while in highschool. I am also looking forward to the compete level when it comes to team sports. I hope to be able to learn from my older peers and from the coaches and be an overall better player for it. I already know that Riverside Secondary School will be a great spot for me and I can’t wait to see what adventures I embark on in the next four years.

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