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Poetry Based Project

For this project, we were assigned the task of answering the question, “How can poetry uplift a community?”. With all that is going on in the world right now, Ella and I felt that one of the best ways to answer this question was to uplift the people who are spending countless hours uplifting others themselves: the front line health care workers. We decided to put together care packages with granola bars, treats, water bottles, fruit and poems written by us. We wanted these amazing human beings to feel that they are seen and that their efforts and sacrifices made are not going unnoticed. Below, you can find both Ella and my poems as well as a short clip that documents our journey in creating these care packages. Even though we are not able to help in a medical capacity during this virus, our hearts were made happy to see the joy these packages brought to the front line health care workers. Because of this experience, we encourage others to do the same – to whatever capacity you are capable of!

The Island

By Kelsey Stewart


I don’t know where I am

Or how I came to be

Stuck and scared on this island

Where no one can hear me


As they do in movies

The hero hears my call

Their ships arrive on shore

And into their arms I fall


I am both weak and tired

I know they feel the same

But these heroes put me first

I am so glad they came


They saved not only me

But many others too

We were all stuck on this island

With faint hope to pursue


The heroes save our lives

Not a day do they miss

They give up the ability

To give their own a kiss


The rays of sun have burned

Their faces scorched and sore

Away from the ones they love

To search and save more


We see the fight they have

And the pain they have been through

We want them to know they are seen

That we are grateful for all they do


We thank them for their time

The sacrifices made

To save us from this island

Our gratitude shall never fade

Together, We Heal

By Ella Gaspar


In a mournful world

individuals will remember

the quiet streets, empty shops

abandoned schools and cancelled flights

as the world plunges into chaos

every death deepening the curve

news spreads like wildfire

the impending threat of the future

falling into isolation and consistent reminders

of social distancing; a new friend.

and as society struggles to adapt

we take comfort in each other

finding solace in the wake of the pandemic.


Together, we begin to heal

and recognize the heroics of frontline workers

who allow us to live in safety and in prayer,

for the old, the sick, the vulnerable

that they take in their trusting arms.

We support them, we thank them

for giving our community endless hope

and security in times of helplessness.

For them, we bang our pots and pans

in acknowledgement of the risks they take every day,

caring for the sick in hospitals

with kind smiles and comforting words

that make us all feel brave.

We are there for them

as they have always been for us.

They have done their part

Now, let us do ours.


For the final component of our project, Ella and I decided to put together a short video of our friends and family members reading a poem that we selected. We ultimately chose “‘Hope’ is the thing with feathers”, a poem by Emily Dickinson. The idea behind this project was what better way to show unity during a pandemic than having a video of all different types of people, from far and wide, preaching the same message – to have hope. Although not many people may view this video, Ella and I loved the idea of getting our family and friends involved and spending time together to work on the project. It allowed us to reach out to those who we might not otherwise chat with on a daily basis and remind them also to have hope. This project inspired us to listen to the words of the poem and to remember that we are all going through this together.

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