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Brain Growth Over Time In Relation To Increasing Climate Temperatures

Below I have included the graph where I located the original information (you may find the article by clicking on the graph image) that I used to create my visuals of the data. I have also taken this graph and made my own data set (also included below). You may notice that there are seven different year groupings recorded in the data set that I created, however, for my visual I chose to compile the data allowing me to create and demonstrate six different size brains over time.

Graph from Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
Data Table


The visual that I created is brains of different sizes (six brains that get increasingly larger over time) that are all painted accordingly. The more purple, blue and green visible on the brain, the cooler the temperature of the planet during that year grouping. Contrarily, the more magenta, red, orange and yellow visible, the warmer the temperature of the planet during that year grouping. I found it very interesting to see that the warmer the temperature of the planet, the larger the brains grew. I chose to create a 3D model of this data in order to help myself and others understand the effects of climate change. Although we cannot give all the credit/blame to climate change affecting brain growth, the data does highlight an interesting connection between the two. Being able to manipulate the different sizes of brains and view their different colourings truly allows individuals to see the effects of warmer temperatures and will hopefully inspire change to lower the temperature of the planet; if not for the generations to come, then for our own health.

Birdseye View From Smallest Brain (Left) to Largest Brain (Right)
Side View From Smallest Brain (Left) to Largest Brain (Right)


Below, I have also attached a Core Competencies reflection regarding this project.

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