Below you can find my self portrait which I made on Desmos (a graphing site). My portrait consists of 84 lines where I used linear equations, quadratic equations, cubic equations, square roots, reciprocal function, sine and cosine functions and circles.


Did I have any challenges throughout this assignment?

I certainly had challenges throughout this assignment. Since I was away for the introduction of the assignment, I found it very difficult to simply begin the process. After playing with the website and trying many equations, I was able to come up with a result that I am very proud of. A second challenge for me was saving my work. I created a portrait in one day that was an alright representation of myself. When I went to place the final details the following day, all of my work had been deleted. In the end I believe that I not only benefited from doing the project twice, but I was able to make a much better final product the second time around.

Any aha moments?

My aha moment was when I learned how to colour a circle or a series of closed lines such as my eyes. I had seen many coloured eyes in the works of my peers which truly added a creative component to their work. After playing with the settings for a couple of minutes, I took to google. I was able to find that replacing a greater than sign where I had placed a few = signs, allowed me to colour in the shapes I had been hoping for.

Did I get help?

While my classmates were uploading their projects on Tuesday and I was just learning about the project, I was able to enlist the help of a few experts to help me flip parabola’s upside down, or switch the direction of the sine and cosine lines to best represent my hair. Their expertise gave me a great platform to build and learn from.

Strategies to I figure out what equations to use:

When I was stuck on which equation to use where, I tried my best to break down the shape I was hoping to create. I looked at my master list of equations trying to find ones that looked similar to the shape when graphed or could look similar if attached to another equation. Once I had the general idea of how to create my unique shapes, I was able to slightly modifie these equations to receive the exact shape needed in other area’s of my face. For example, to make my eye brows, I was able to take the shape of the upper lid of my eye and modify the domain and range, as well as the width of the parabola to get the shape necessary.

What did this assignment help me understand about functions, relations and their graphs?

This assignment helped me to understand how the slightest change in the coefficient, can drastically impact the shape the equation will take when graphed. Being a visual learner, I was also able to better understand the reasoning behind the domain and range of y=x^2 or y=x^3.