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a) What Widgets and Plugins did you choose?

I chose the translator widget, the calendar widget and the images widget.

b) What are there strengths?

I chose these three widgets because I believe that they make my blog visually pleasing. The translator widget allows anyone to read my posts and I love this feature as it is something that my parents and friends can use to read my French projects as well as other students who may not speak English or French. The calendar widget makes finding my most recent post very easy for a teacher, a classmate, or a parent. Lastly, the images widget is a fantastic tool for me to share my favourite pictures from the summer, from a family vacation or from a school trip with the world.

d) What are there weaknesses?

A weakness that I found did not correspond with the widget that I chose to use. The audio widget would be very neat to display with your favourite song, podcast or most recent audio project but was tricky to use (as were a few other widgets that I played around with). I tried many different audio formats but none of the links were accepted. I also found that many widgets were not customizable. Aside from the title, there was no way to personalize the widgets (colour, size, font) directly through an edublog format.

e) Can these programs be used in a classroom setting to enhance student learning? Would you use it and/or recommend it?

I definitely think that these programs can be used in a classroom setting. As I mentioned above, the calendar tool along with many other widgets can be used to help find recent posts, comments, direct you to specific pages and so forth. I would recommend using widgets as a way to enhance your blog and truly showcase your computer skills. I believe that playing around with the features on your blog is so important to help you explore and overall create a better understanding of the amazing platform used at Riverside.

Flag Pole Lab Math Honours 2018

Here you can find Didi Dimitrova and my sheet of calculations as well as our responses to the questions:In this image we have Didi holding a Clinometer which was the device we used to mesure the angle of elevation.
Here is an image of me, Kelsey, measuring the distance from the pole to where Didi was standing. Lastly, we have Didi using the Clinometer to find the angle of elevation with her eyes directly above the spot on the ground that I measured to. 

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