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Prime Number Love Poem

(To the tune of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song)

Written By: Didi Dimitrova and Kelsey Stewart

Now this is a story all about how my life was changed and spun around,

Now bed time’s almost here so sit on down,

I’ll tell you how I met your mama one night in town

In North Vancouver, they call me VII,

On a keyboard is where I spend all of my days.

Flat and curvey that’s me no lie,

And when I saw her so tall I thought that I’d died.

Then I asked her how I knew so many digits of pie,

But not the seven digits to her phone number.

She laughed then rolled her pretty eyes,

And said I’m not your average 7, I never ate 9.

I learned later that she was uncle 1’s ex,

But she assured me that she was ready for me next.

1 shaped us both to be our prime versions,

Soon we fell in love and knew we would never be hurting.

I always knew that 5 and 7 were meant to be,

But I never thought it would be reality.

Together they become a prime combination,

Our love was never even in the calculation.

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