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The Beauty That Is Grace

Laura Durham’s, Grace is a Gift article, speaks about her third grade teacher giving her a gift in the form of a lesson; one that is an act of grace. The style of Durham’s writing is encaptivating, potreying the feeling that you are living through the situation as it is being read. Durham includes a powerful statement that I sometimes loose sight on: the difference between karma and grace. With karma, one may believe that what goes around comes around. Grace is simply a meaningful action or statement that is done through the goodness of one’s heart. I strive to enshrine the beauty that is grace and always remember that “grace is a gift- not a reward”.

Click here for Laura Durham’s article: Grace is a Gift

Handing Over Life

Handing Over Life is a poem that I wrote inspired by Ray Bradbury’s The Veldt. My thoughts and ideas behind this poem were simply about how some parents choose to raise their children in today’s world. More specifically, in The Veldt, the children were raised by the nursery and not by their parents. The nursery became a better outlet for sharing their emotions and thoughts, leaving no need or space for a human parent.

Handing Over Life
By: Kelsey Stewart

As a child once so bright,
Now a parent handing over life.
Giving up on laughter, life, love
Simply programming it in to a system to give a child a hug.

Emotions never shown,
Parents in the unknown.
SnapChat now SnapCrack,
Teens hearts breaking trying to play the message back.

Handing over life to the machine we wish we could be,
Believing it can do a better job than me.
The influence of others may impact our lives,
The absence or the presence of someone deciding whether a child will rise.

What does the sun do when the moon is done,
Rising up all smiley and fun?
But what if the sun never shone?
What if it decided that lamps did a better job?
It would be handing over life, leaving it’s children feeling robbed.


The song that I used as background music is titled “Sweet Dreams (Sentimental Piano)” by Evening Relax-Thoughtful Jazz.

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