Modeling Mitosis Lab

Found below are the stages of Mitosis presented through diagrams in which we used pipecleaners, string and beads to explain our understanding.


The process of duplicating cells.


The cell is preparing itself for mitosis while DNA is replicating itself.


In this stage (prophase) the chromatids find their match and using a centromere are attached together forming x’s. Attached to the chromosomes are a pink string which represents the growing spindle fibres. The nuclear membrane also disintegrates in this step of mitosis and leaves the remainder of the nuclear contents (which includes the chromosomes) .


As we mentioned, the nuclear membrane has disintegrated now and the chromosomes are able to move and align in the middle of the cell. Attached to each chromotoide is a spindle fibre which will be useful in the next step.


The spindle fibres pull the chromosomes apart now making the chromosomes chromatids again. Each chromatid is pulled to the poles (opposite sides) of the cell.


Spindle fibres have now disappeared and the nuclear membrane has reformed in both of the cells. The chromosomes are now encased and are able to relax into chromatin again.


The end result is that I now have two identical and separate cells from the one cell that I started off with.

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