January 3rd 2018 archive

“The Life of a Genetic Mutation”

Below you can find a video in which I tell a fictional story about a girl named Kate who has Treacher Collins Syndrome. This is considered a genetic mutation and is all explained in the video. I hope you enjoy the fictional storyline and learn something while you’re at it!

Questions I asked during my research:

What is Treacher Collins Syndrome?
Is there a treatment for Treacher Collins Syndrome?
What causes Treacher Collins Syndrome?
How common is Treacher Collins Syndrome?
What and or who does Treacher Collins Syndrome affect?
How can you inherit Treacher Collins Syndrome?
Where does the name “Treacher Collins Syndrome” come from?
How can Treacher Collins Syndrome be diagnosed?


As I worked through my research, I used many different tools to answer my questions. Tools such as youtube and different news stations to watch stories of real life Treacher Collins patients along with medical websites and websites from hospitals to help further with my understanding of the topic. By using websites from hospitals I knew that I receiving good information and more importantly, scientific information. Facts was what I needed for my research and not necessarily opinions when I was first learning about the topic. After I had a basic understanding of Treacher Collins Syndrome was when it was nice to watch the real life stories because I was able to follow along with the information being presented.


Below I have attached my sources from the medical websites and the real life story video’s:



(A journey through Treacher Collins Syndrome)



(A video explaining Treacher Collins Syndrome)



I believe this project was very successful. I was able to use sites that presented many different facts but were also not to scientifically worded that I couldn’t understand them. For next time I can improve on using even more sources to check my facts and understanding. I believe that the format I presented my video with was a great way to share my understanding and kept the viewers intrigued.